Evolution Video Slot

Evolution slot is finally here and with it comes a whole new adventure into the future of evolution and huge wins! This is the all new much anticipated video slot from Net Entertainment based on the theory of evolution and survival of the fittest. Evolution video slot comes with some of the best graphics around, with symbols that twist and turn before you very eyes but even more than that this super slot gives you more chances to win big coin prizes in the free spins round a lot more often than any previous NetEnt releases! Of course you shouldn’t take my word for it, try it yourself and see the money piling up in your slot bank account for yourselves.

What makes Evolution video slot different from the rest?

Evolution video slot has a futuristic theme to it that can draw you in to this revolutionary game with its graphics, sound effects and evolutionary way of giving you them all important free spins! The slot starts with the symbols all seemingly floating in an underwater world somewhere in the future. The symbols at first glance look just like your normal snails, ferrets, alligators and mice but at closer inspection you can see that these creatures have evolved to live in the surroundings to which they must live in. The mouse now has a collar of  hair, why it has evolved this way I will leave to your imagination but this game is all about survival of the fittest so there must be a good reason that Net Ent dreamt up this adaptation of the little mouse. The snail has flippers to help it swim around the atmosphere evolving it from a slow and steady insect to a mechanism that can keep up with the rest. Now by playing Evolution video slot I’m sure you can evolve yourself into a big money winner.

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Evolution video slot and its abundance of free spins

In my opinion though, the feature that sets Evolution video slot apart from all the other slots released in 2012 by NetEnt is the amount of times the free spins round occurs. If this is the way forward for the evolution of slots then I definitely want to be on board. Evolution slot just keeps on giving the free spins, when I played the game myself at maximum bet which is 125 euros a spin, within five or six spins I had already won over 4000 euros on a free spin round. I was quite happy with this win but then again after another three spins I again entered the free spin round in which I won yet another 6000 euros. So you can say that I won over 10000 euros, not coins, within a total of 5 minutes playing at maximum bet! If I didn’t already love this slot then this would have me falling for it for sure.

Every free spin round in Evolution will award you with between 10 and 20 free spins depending on how many free spins symbols appear on the reels. During the free spins whenever you make a winning bet line, there are 25 lines to get in total, the symbols will spin around and evolve into higher paying symbols. So for example if you get a snail symbol it might evolve into a crocodile symbol to give you a higher bet win. The idea is to climb the ladder of evolution so to speak by being awarded higher prizes for highly evolved species. The free spins round is not played in the underwater atmosphere of the main game however, once you get your free spins then a meteorite will launch you into the beautiful paradise world on the free spins. Once the ten big money winning spins are over you will crash back down to the main game to carry on spinning and evolving.

There are 10 bet levels with multiple coin values to mix and match until you get the right bet per spin to suite your wallet. There is a minimum spin bet of just 25 cents and the maximum being 125 euros, so definitely something to suit everyone in this game. The wild symbol for Evolution only appears on the middle three reels and takes the shape of every symbol available in the game except the free spin symbol. Evolution video slot is sure to be a hit and a real money maker for the followers it gets.

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